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10 Most Common Flaws Found During Home Inspections

10 Most Common Flaws Found During A Home Inspection

real estate fernandina beachA home inspection is an important part of any Fernandina Beach real estate purchase. It offers protection for the purchaser by providing knowledge of the condition of all the major systems and components to prevent any unwanted surprises down the road. A Licensed Home Inspector completes a physical inspection of the home and will report their findings and any necessary repairs on their inspection report.

Florida Realtors recently posted the results of a survey of 50,000 home inspections and summarized the 10 Most Common Flaws Found During Home Inspections. The Fernandina Beach Real Estate market may have certain unique aspects to a home inspection, due to the local architecture and land features, but most of the components remain the same. The 10 most common inspection findings are:


54.9% Doors need adjusting/servicing
54.8% Faucets and shower heads need servicing
54.5% Exterior caulking/sealant missing
53.7% Outlet or light switch problems
48% No circuit breaker (GFCI) Protection
45.1% Missing or defective smoke alarms
45% Cosmetic sheetrock cracks or nail pops
40.5% Fixtures and/or bulb problems
33.9% Interior caulking, grout and sealer are missing
33.9% Electrical service panel problems

While these are the most common, there can be a wide variety of problems found during home inspections.  Many problems involve simple repairs but some findings can be very costly.  Problems with major systems, appliances and roofing can be expensive to repair and it is important for purchasers to be aware of the condition so they can proceed appropriately.

Century 21 agents are experienced in the home buying process.  They can provide recommendations for Home Inspectors, and can help you navigate repairs.   Call upon our team of relentless agents to guide you through your next purchase.