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Rachael Childs

As an area specialist, Rachael is knowledgeable and focuses on the city of Fernandina Beach and around Amelia Island, reflecting her firsthand experience in the area’s culture.

Rachael has seen both sides of the real estate spectrum as the agent representing the buyer or the seller. When handling various deals, Rachael has an uncanny ability to prioritize so seamlessly that even those who have been in real estate long enough to be called veterans want to know her secret.

Well, that secret is that she has extensive experience in IT program management for corporate America. Rachael refers to it as the best training for customer service and other business skills, with listening being at the top of her must-have list.

When Rachael works with the sellers, she immediately prepares a comparative market analysis, which helps her deal with the facts and the numbers. The mantra she lives by is that anything without data to back up its worth is wasting the client’s time. Rachael’s list of must-do’s includes listing the property, extensive marketing, showings, and open houses. She also prepares the needed documents.

As an agent for the buyer, Rachael's process is as intensive as it is for being the agent for the seller. The secret to Rachael’s success in this area of the real estate spectrum is being a great listener. Her technique works because clients rave about how Rachael found their perfect house.

From streamlining processes to improving project performance, Rachael secretly thanks her IT experience for her real estate success. Rachael graduated from the University of Georgia with a bachelor’s degree. She has a PMP (Project Management Professional) certification and is Scrum Master Certified (SMC).

Rachael is a firm believer in the power of intention. She knew that whatever path she needed to be on, ultimately her home and heart are in real estate.

A native of Baxley, Georgia, Rachael is happily married to her husband, Kevin. They have a beautiful daughter named Ella and a small dog named Olive. In her free time, she enjoys riding bike paths all over Amelia Island, paddle boarding, kayaking, and being a sports parent at Ella’s golf tournaments.