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Staging homes in Fernandina Beach

Staging Your Home in Fernandina Beach for Less

homes Fernandina BeachIt’s no secret that well staged homes not only sell faster but they also sell for higher prices.  However, many Sellers don’t consider staging efforts under the misconception that it is expensive.  There are different ways to stage a property and much of what can be done is low cost. Not just homes in Fernandina Beach, but across the nation, the National Association of Realtors statistics show the value of home staging.  Here are some suggestions of budget friendly ways to stage a home for sale:

  1. Exterior Curb Appeal: The first photo displayed of a home in the Fernandina Beach MLS and Real Estate websites is the front exterior.  It needs to look great! Spend time weeding the flower beds, planting fresh flowers and spreading new mulch. Pressure wash driveways, walkways, entryway and exterior of the home if necessary.  This is the first thing buyers see when they drive up and their impression of the outside forms an opinion of the inside.
  2. Inside Entryway:  What Buyers see (and smell) in the entryway forms their first impression when viewing the home.  Focus on making this area welcoming. Clean and neat are important and a fresh coat of paint is helpful.  Consider adding a small bench or a vase of flowers on the entry table.
  3. Depersonalize & Declutter:  Pack up photos, memorabilia, keepsakes and any themed rooms.  Also pack away 30% of each room for neater looks that give the feeling of more space.  Make sure kitchen counter tops are as empty as possible (put away those small appliances).  Storage space is a big deal to many buyers, empty half of closet contents to show ample storage space.
  4. Deep Clean:  A thorough deep clean is one of the most important parts of preparing a home for sale.  Kitchens and bathrooms should be sparkling, carpets and tile grout cleaned. Neutralize any pet and food odors.  Make sure all windows, glass and mirrors in the home are dust free and shining.
  5. Final Touches:  This is the part people think of when you say Staging.  However, the previous 4 steps have to occur to properly decorate a property!  Minor, inexpensive touches throughout the home can make a big difference. Rearrange and remove furniture, if necessary, for better flow.  Condense the dining room table to as small as possible to help the room look more spacious. Make sure all dining room tables and eat-in areas have place settings and all bar top dining has chairs in place. 

Install new shower curtains in the bathrooms for a clean fresh look and add pretty soaps or scented candles.  Replace bulbs in all rooms to bright bulbs and have curtains and blinds open to increase lighting. It’s important for the space to be neutral but not sterile.  Add small pops of color with accent pillows or vases as well as natural elements, fresh flowers or greenery. It is a good idea to accent some of the homes best features with something to draw the eye to it.  A nice candle or plant display near the fireplace attracts attention in the areas you want buyers to notice.


Simple staging doesn’t have to be expensive.  Much of it can be done with supplies on hand and a little time and energy.  To maximize value of homes in Fernandina Beach or the Yulee area, take advantage of these suggestions.  The effort is surely worth the reward of higher sales prices and short time on market.  Talk to an agent about what would work best with your home.